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Not only are we within winter season which is when our skin requires more hydration and suffers dullness, but in many ways each of us are facing our own new stress factors - some of us have more time and are facing isolation, others are inundated working from home and home schooling, each of us will have a unique experience to todays Pandemic, not to mention those of us that are struggling financially or been affected directly with he virus, times are tough theres no doubt about that !!

More than ever we have to take that snippet of time to care for ourselves and promote some self love, a hot Bath a walk in the park, studies have shown that if we feel good about ourselves then we are better equipped to tackle life's challenges.

My key product and "PRODUCT OF THE MONTH" in light of all of the above is Phyto Replenish Oil - a few drops of this oil nourishes and hydrates the skin instantly, making us look more refreshed and luminous, the function of this product is that it repairs your skins lipids, over time preventing your skin from losing moisture, it gives you back your glow and leaves that glistening dewy sheen upon your complexion.

With every order of this product throughout the month of Feb I will be including sample packs with instructions that enable you to give yourself an in house facial - until we are able to treat you again within our lovely salon.

for any questions or if you need advice and require a Virtual Skin Consultation free of charge we are still here for you, send us a message or call directly 07973 490201 -

Stay Safe everyone and be good to yourself!!

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