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Everyone is talking about …Simply Beautiful’s hidden gems!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

It’s clear when you walk into Simply Beautiful that we offer nail treatments and that we are a Dermalogica stockist but check out these treatments they truly need a shout out…

Universal Contour Wrap

Universal Contour Wrap is a treatment designed by an plastic Surgeon in the USA it was created to give A-List clients that INSTANT tuck and tone,

This treatment consist of support bandages that are soaked in a Algae formula 24 hours prior to your treatment. Before wrapping you, you are measured accurately to record inch loss after session, your body is then wrapped – starting at the feet/ankles working upwards.

Whilst wrapping your body is sculpted and lifted and tucked in with the bandages – (feels a little like wearing a full body support stocking)

We then place you in a thermal suit for 1 hour and let the Algae do its work

You should imagine the effect of Algae on the skin to be similar to placing 1000 pac-man characters onto you – munching away at toxins and fat cells that have built up within the body - working well into the subcutaneous layer of the skin to decongest and detoxify.

When the bandages are removed you are given a fluffy robe whilst we re-measure you.

The effects are PHENOMINAL – the treatment guarantees a minimum of 6 inches lost but I have seen clients lose up to 13!!!

Lets be realistic the inch loss isn’t all in one area it is all over – but when you put your normal clothes back on you will definitely feel and see the difference!!!


· Cellulite Reduced – skin more refined/smooth

· Skin is left in great condition soft and exfoliated

· Super Detox for your system

· Algae is super to help with aches and pains so it can also put a spring in your step! Especially if you suffer with arthritic pain

· Body is clearly tighter and toned ! – giving you instant body confidence

· Because this wrap works on attacking toxins and fat cells directly and not fluid – the inch loss is PERMANENT !!! You will not put these inches back on – unless you gain weight!!

We definitely recommend this treatment across the board – for events, if your getting married or going on a special holiday – it will give you such a confidence boost, you can do a series of treatments if you are on a weight loss program or some other sort of health regimen, this treatment is the perfect compliment for that – Or lets face it – it’s the perfect post LOCKDOWN treatment !!

Overall it just gives you an instant boost and a sense of body confidence – and we think its one of our most FABULOUS treatments

One treatment £85 (2 hours)

Course of 4 treatments - £255 (saving £85)


I have to take this opportunity to BIG UP – Our LVL treatment

Nouveau lash lift ant tint – this treatment is my personal favorite – who doesn’t love a set of fluffy dominant lashes – especially when they are all your own,

Lash lift pulls up and curls your natural lashes given you an accentuated look and with an added tint to add darkness – this treatment leaves your lashes Rich, healthy looking and FULL ON – without the maintenance of false lashes – the treatment results last up to 8 weeks and they stay fabulous day in and day out – even when you first wake up, you will look like you are already made-up and good to go!!!


Patch test required – 48 hours prior minimum

Lash Lift and Tint £50 (1 hour) – includes a brow shape and tidy

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